Furniture surrounds a person from all sides throughout his life. A variety of items of furniture production can be classified according to the following parameters: Location (for the home, public premises or vehicle equipment). Purpose (for sitting, resting (sleeping), storing things, ensuring daily activities (tables) Materials of manufacture (from solid wood, wood-based panels, metal, plastic, glass, bamboo, rattan) By type of production (serial, manufactured on order, experimental) By design features (non-separable, collapsible, built-in)

Our goal

Our goal is to provide quality service for each customer at all stages of service, from product selection to warranty and post-warranty service, so customer feedback is an integral part of our work. By building effective communications in all available ways, we listen to your opinion and improve the quality of service every day. The success of this approach is evidenced by the facts – dozens of orders daily and thousands of satisfied customers, including large network companies and enterprises.

  Since 2009, our company has been successfully supplying furniture for home, office and summer cottages, we work directly with leading manufacturers and suppliers of furniture and accessories. For you, we offer furniture from more than 100 furniture factories located in different regions. The products of these factories are time-tested and enjoy the well-deserved love of buyers. We understand how important it is for you to get a really high-quality product at an affordable price and we strive to keep prices strictly within the limits recommended by the manufacturer, and often even lower

Our Work